How Caremart Healthcare Services Benefit Our Clients And Communities

As the role of community pharmacy continues to evolve, its positive impact in healthcare delivery will continue to increase. That is why we offer expanded healthcare services in a retail setting.

As we continue to grow, our ideal locations in Lagos and Nigeria will make it easy to raise disease awareness and to deliver information at multiple points of contact that educate and empower our clients.

These include the over the counter (OTC) and personal care aisles, the pharmacy counter, in our newsletters and in the prescription pick-up areas. Not only are these innovations beneficial to pharmacy customers, but they also enhance the health of our communities.

The Evolving Role Of The Pharmacy And Pharmacists

About fifty years ago, the main role of pharmacists was just to dispense prescriptions. At that time, pharmacists were not even permitted to discuss medications with their patients. If the patients asked any questions about their prescription they had to refer them back to their physicians.  

As time went on, pharmacists began to supply some very basic information about prescriptions.
How about today?

Today, things are quite different. Retail store pharmacists are now equipped with the tools they need to in order to provide enhanced services and to engage with patients. One highly significant example is that our pharmacies offer services like checking your blood pressure or sugar level if diabetic.

We are eager to reach out to even more people who are asking questions not only about their prescriptions, but also about many other health-related issues.

In recognizing the important role pharmacists play in improving health outcomes, we also provide important healthcare services through innovative programs and services across our practice settings.

At Caremart, a consumer can pick up a loaf of bread after checking her blood pressure or consult with a pharmacist about new advances in blood pressure treatment while purchasing some aspirin. All of this can be done at our pharmacy at the consumer’s convenience.

Another aspect of community pharmacy that is often appreciated is the personality component that a well-respected pharmacist brings to the retail store. Our pharmacists continue to work hard as they are perceived as trusted advisors who can offer assistance to patients with their health concerns and needs.

From advice to device, the pharmacy has always represented a first line of defense for health information and wellness. The digital revolution further entrenches pharmacy practice as an essential component of care—with a human touch and a digital reach.

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